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FHK League on PC & PS4 10 Male & 10 Female Drivers!

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The FHK League Sign ups are now open! PS4 & PC Leagues where 10 Men & 10 Women will compete to be the greatest team!

20 drivers will take part, but instead of your typical male field of drivers, with the odd female... 

There will be a mix of 10 male drivers, and 10 female drivers. 

With a pairing of Male and Female driver teams. 


The difference with this league is that it will be about team work. Whilst there will still be a driver’s championship to compete for, the prizes at the end of the season will be given to the top 3 teams.  

We will still celebrate the winning driver but the competition is more focused on the team. 

It will be up to you and your team-mate to work together in securing points for your team and to get them to the top. 

We are really excited to be putting a league together which aims to bring more women into eSports. But it’s not all about the girls, but also the guys who enjoy racing with everyone. 

You don’t need any experience, but we ask for an understanding of respectful driving. 

You will also need a copy of F1 2020 either on PS4 or PC. 


The FHL calendar will consist of 10 races taking place over 10 weeks, at 10 pre-selected race circuits below. 

PC will start on Wednesday 2nd Sept at 7:30PM BST

PS4 will start on Thursday 3rd Sept at 7:30PM BST


  • Australia GP 

  • Vietnam GP 

  • Canada GP 

  • Great Britain GP 

  • Japan GP 

  • Netherlands GP 

  • Belgium GP 

  • Italy GP 

  • Austria GP 

  • Monaco GP 

All info is on the Discord > https://discord.gg/sZevhxg
Or you can sign up via this > https://forms.gle/6LTSW6EadCW15HxZ8

We are so excited to have more females compete in the world of eSports, we want to see an equal league of men & women! Please do spread the word! 

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