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Game controls out of control

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Dear F1 mobile,

I like playing the game. I can even understand that you cannot police all the dirty drivers out there, even though it is massively annoying to be deliberately pushed off track. Hel, sometimes I get off-track myself and hit someone while rejoining hastily. I understand. Or maybe I don't, since the PC game seems to handle this a bit better.

Anyway, I am really sick and tired of my game not responding to my controls at random moments!!!! Sometimes it decides on the middle of a straight that I am not pushing the gas peddle and I suddenly slow down. Sometimes the brake does not respond and I crash. There really is no regularity to it and I don't know what causes it (I'm using OnePlus 6T with latest official updates and everything). Sometimes it only lasts a split second, other times it keeps annoying me. This feels very unfair and above all, it spoils my gaming experience.

Please fix. Today. Thank you.

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