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Bugs, glitches and more


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Hey, after coming back to F1 since the 2018 game (i skipped 2019 solely because of how unrealistic the driver market was) and playing almost 200 hours of F1 2020, here are things that I have found make the game dull, boring or simply things that are not meant to happen/didn't happen in previous versious.

1) AI Level over time - RNG?

Starting My Team, i initially put the AI level on what I used to have on F1 2018 - for the first two seasons everything seems alright, third and fourth seasons become super weird especially when there was hardly any regulation changes throughout. Top 4-5 cars are reaching almost the exact same level - these are usually Merc, Ferrari, RBR, Renault and either McLaren or Racing Point. Williams doesn't develop at all, at season 7 it still feels like they're not even on the grid, at the veeeery back of the pack. The main issue though is how random the AI performance becomes once the car is not so much of a factor: in my game Mercedes retained their top stop in terms of potential car performance with Lewis and(!) Sebastian as teammates, however they NEVER get into Q3 (usually ending up between 12th-16th) and their race pace and racecraft is just horrible. On the other hand, RBR with slightly slower car, signed Kvyat and Ricciardo, and somehow Kvyat is now the fastest driver in almost every race, also farming poles easily. The AI also finds a lot of pace out of nowhere, without changing difficulty level the whole field gained around a second per lap, depending on the track obviously. But why do we have to adjust difficulty on different tracks, it really baffles me how bad and great at the same time a certain difficulty level can be. Lack of consistency i suppose.

2) Driver rating doesn't make any sense.

It doesn't translate into in-game performance of drivers, I will have a 2nd-3rd fastest car on the grid and somehow my rookie 68-72 rated teammate is A LOT faster than drivers rated 90+? Another example was when Ferrari dropped Seb for Max and I had Lewis + Seb in Mercedes and Max + Charles in Ferrari. The ratings at the time were, respectively, HAM 96, VET 91, LEC 92, VER 97. In-game results? Seb outqualifies Lewis 9 times out of ten, Max is ALWAYS slower than Charles. Despite their fantastic ratings, they also struggle to outpace/outsmart slower drivers in slower cars, if they happen to be stuck behind. 

Separate paragraph for these two issues, because it would completely revolutionize the gameplay and is not hard to implement - on the side note I really appreciate how fragile AI cars are now compared to e.g. F1 2018, where AI drove indestructible tanks even on simulation damage.

MORE AI mistakes - at least 90% of the time the DNF is still caused by scripted mechanical failure. Over almost 200 hours I have noticed AI lose their car only TWICE and only in the rain. NEVER in the dry conditions, the only thing they do is lockup but that doesn't do much since AI doesn't seem to get affected by temps. So yeah, it would be nice to see drivers actually crashing, spinning or running off-track more often, because for two years now every time I verse the AI, they're just too damn consistent, unrealistic and boring.

Simulated failures - obviously an option that can be adjusted just like damage level, it would be nice to experience some realism and actually encounter an UNEXPECTED mechanical failure in your car. The frequency of such thing occuring can be based on the Durability upgrades, since all they do is slow down the wear, but they could also potentially prevent an unexpected failure.


3) My Team - $$$ and R&D Points + little extra

At season 7 i have over $300 million and nothing to spend it on. I also have 100,000 resource points, even tho I have been simulating a great majority of my practice sessions throughout. Either there needs to be more upgrades (which i'd love) or make them more expensive. Moneywise it's pretty much the same story, first two-three seasons you grind and max out every facility, you have enough money to sign 5 drivers but there is nothing you can do with it.

Interviews, interviews, interviews. There is so little questions being asked and so little voice-acting put in it's just sad. Can you really not make two dozens of track names being read out by voice over actors? Also the repetitive scenery, it gets to the point that after every session I'm praying inside that Claire will NOT appear on my screen.

I know Codemasters is British, but even creating my own driver, most of these surnames are English. Really Codemasters? For each flag that you have in driver customization you should have at least 25 most popular surnames to be pronounced prior to the race. Seriously picking The Captain, The Professor or The Rainmaster is just... wack. I'm sorry to say but you should look up to EA and do it right. FIFA being the university, where they can pronounce most of the surnames across all the leagues, and then there's F1 2020 with... 50 words? And even track names are missing. For a $90 AUD game.


I am honestly disappointed with how the game progresses over time in My Team and lost interest in playing. I really hope Codemasters will not abandon the ship already thinking about their 2021 game and fix current issues making the game truly enjoyable as it seems in the intro or trailers, the potential is there but the updates so far are sparse and trivial.


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