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Fanatec / Drivehub

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Hi all,

I need your expertise if possible, I'm looking at getting some Fanatec elite LC pedals to use with my Logitech wheel/base, now I understand that this is only possible if I get something called a drivehub (£90) is that right?

I will eventually get the full Fanatec setup, but at the moment I need to probably save a little more before I do, as the F1 wheels for Xbox are either a fortune or not compatible.  That then made me think, if I have a drivehub so I can use the fanatec pedals with my Logitech wheel (as mentioned above) can I also then use this drivehub to get any wheel/base I want as well?

I really want this wheel, as it's nice and affordable, but seems to be ps4 or pc only?!  However I thought, if I have the drivehub does this then mean I can get this wheel/base for my xbox one?




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