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Delete account and all data

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I am fed up with your inability to admit and fix the bad driver problem in duel mode, and under GDPR am requesting my account and ALL data to be erased. I am also a California resident and can legally demand this under CCPA. 

Please confirm. I am prepared to escalate until my data is erased.

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BarryBL, so you're from codemasters staff.

got it! so, you're one of the idiots!

my friend, why don't you try to fix the game and make it playable. even your narrow brain should realize that a happy, pleased player would spend more money compared to one who's unhappy and ready to delete his game account!!!! i cannot understand why you can get this? just because you all are a bunch of idiots?!

i have a post here, on the forum. it's in romanian. you should translate it and see what i wrote there! are just facts and you could see how your f...... game is working!

you idiots!!!

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