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MY TEAM Driver Transfer Bugs

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1.       After 9 seasons through 2 careers I have noticed major bugs with the Ai driver transfers

  • After the 1st season (when there are a bunch of transfers) the Ai no longer makes organic driver transfers based on performance etc.
  • After the 1st season Ai driver transfers only happen if:
    • A driver retires (usually takes a GP2 driver)
    • You nab an existing teams driver (usually replaced by your driver)
  • After the 1st season I have not seen the Ai teams drop or move a driver by any other means except the 2 points above

2.       Pc
3.       1.01-1.08
4.       My Team
5.       9 seasons over 2 careers
6.       Started a new career after patch 1.07
7.       T300 and fanatec CS pedals
8.       yes- Screenshots show many teams unchanged after 3-4 seasons and majority of moves happened after season 1. I have more recent seasons but the lineup is unchanged because I kept my drivers.


F1 2020 Screenshot 2020.07.25 -

F1 2020 Screenshot 2020.08.20 -

F1 2020 Screenshot 2020.08.20 -

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New season an I sign Bottas and only move is Ai takes my old driver.

Something is broke please fix as its boring and unrealistic.


@BarryBL can you please take a look as its pretty obvious after the 1sy year the Ai make no organic driver moves.

F1 2020 Screenshot 2020.08.28 -

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