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Dirt 5 or just GRiD Rally DLC mudpack?


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early access shows us that the Dirt 5 closely resembles the GRiD and looks like a crazy rally DLC mudpack 😉

the same formula of the simplified menu, the competition divided into categories by tiles, simple customization with paints in the garage, the same light reflections and driving experience in camera shots.

what do you think about these similarities?

this is exactly the same skeleton of the game in different clothes and of course with other fancy routes and possibly other activities like ice drifting seen in the first trailers


the structure itself looks like a 1:1 graft from Grid project. grouped races selected with tiles, simple competition selection in groups of cars, minimal specifications car cards with the same layout as in the Grid, same simple customization with practically the same third person HUD while driving (only reverse left/right), short localization cut-scenes before the competition and go ride, the same camera views and effects during drive and replays, exactly the same effects with flying colorful confetti and fireworks fountains at the finish 🙂 if you've played Grid, there are so many similarities visible in the early access videos that now I understand the sad information about the suspension of the game grid on the codemasters blog http://blog.codemasters.com/community/06/codies-racing-line-june-25-2020/

this is the Grid dressed in dirty rally races! you can clearly see that the game design is based on the same 1: 1 scheme and the same team is working on it

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2 hours ago, Assiemodis said:

So enough reasons to stay the hell away fromthe game for me.

rather a green light on my side 🙂 and I will definitely buy this rally clone

the more that it is a fraternal twin so it will not look identical, but will keep a great gameplay and driving model.

I also hope that due to the fancy style and the lack of licensing requirements, interestingly varied tracks and some other activities will appear

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for me, exactly the opposite, the impressions of racing on these licensed tracks with models of real cars in the Grid are brilliant 🙂

I've been playing the Grid for a long time and I can't get bored because of the nice groups of cars go around provides fresh feelings and fun. I still have the third season and a few races that dropped out of the previous ones, so I was worried by the official information that there will be no more additions.

I didn't consider buying the Dirt 5 but when I saw the trailer I thought - damn 🤨 it is the Grid scheme only with some fantasy rally routes, colorful freaky cars and fancy activities 😃

if my eyes didn't deceive me, I will treat it as an extension of the fun of Grid with a little fancy impressions 😉

I am a little surprised but on the other hand I am very happy 😊

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3 hours ago, lastbreath said:

the same team? RIP DiRT...

This was my impression when I looked at a similar framework with the Grid project. Now, in the interviews, I see a different team leader so it's a new team but at least you can see where the templates come from. The team behind the DiRT 5 is Codemasters Cheshire (resurrection of Evolution Studios) - such information was somewhere on the net.

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