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He reached over and squeezed Jessica's breast. "I'll make it up to you. I promise."

He left, leaving her fuming with frustration. She dragged on her little white dress and got out of bed. Honestly, for a man of 'experience', Daniel left a lot to be desired. He'd been greedily focused on his own pleasure and inconsiderate of hers. All very well for him to say he'd make it up to her, but did she even want him to?

She went to the kitchen for a glass of water. Her nipples and **** were sore, and she felt hollow and unloved. Three days, she told herself. Three days and she could go back home to Daddy, who was the best and sweetest lover in the universe. Yeah, he also liked to watch her being ****** by other men, but only men he'd vetted first. Las Vegas had been an eye opener for her, both into Daddy's sexual needs and her own.

Daniel meant nothing to her, she told herself. He was good-looking and he had a hot body, and he was Mom's lover, and she was missing Daddy Steve. That was it. She'd keep to herself the next few days, ********** when the urge took her, and avoid Daniel.

"Oh, Danny, yes https://bestfreeporn.me/category/hentai-porn-sites/ !"

Unbelievable. Was Daniel ******* Mom now, just after he'd ****** Jessica? She wanted to feel angry at him, and was annoyed at how the thought aroused her instead.

She snuck to Mom's bedroom door. Just a peek. I won't let them see me, she thought.

But the bedroom was empty. Mom's loud moans were coming from her bathroom. Were they having sex in the bathtub? This Jessica had to see. Maybe she should take pictures and send them to Steve. Aren't you glad you divorced her, Daddy?

She knew she was being bitchy. Just because Mom was getting what she, Jessica, currently was not getting. If Daddy wanted to **** her in a bathtub, she'd jump right in. Hell, he could ask her to take her clothes off in the middle of a street and she'd do it. At least bathrooms were private https://hotmyfreecams.com .

She sneaked up to the bathroom door. It was open a couple of inches, just enough for her to peek inside.

Mom was in the bathtub, her arms gripping the sides, her head thrown back. One leg was draped outside the bathtub, which meant she was wide open underneath the water. Daniel was crouched by her side, his hand inside. He'd taken off his shirt, though he still had his pants on. It was clear from Mom's loud groans what his hand was doing.

"Oh god, yes, Danny. Harder," begged Mom, her head thrashing back-and-forth. "That feels sooooo good."

Daniel's shoulders moved as he pumped his arm rhythmically into the water. "You like that Martha?" he crooned. "You like my finger ******* you?"

Jessica's **** vibrated as she watched, and her resolutions crumbled to dust. She licked her finger and placed it on her hot little nub. As Mom writhed in the bathtub, Jessica began to massage her ****, making hard, fast circles. She needed to come so bad, it wasn't funny.

"Danny, I'm coming!" Mom screamed, gripping his hair https://bestfreeporn.me/category/black-porn-paysites/ .

"Come for me, Martha." He leaned down and kissed her open mouth, stroking her bare, damp thigh.

Jessica came in a great, shuddering orgasm that rocked her whole body. She leaned against the door, barely managing to stay upright.

Inside the bathroom, Mom was sitting up in the bathtub, kissing Daniel passionately. "You're the sweetest, sexiest lover I've had in years," she said. "I'm so lucky."

"I'm the lucky one, darling,' he murmured, reaching down to squeeze one of her lush breasts.

She giggled drunkenly. "You didn't tell me what you were doing in my daughter's bedroom."

Jessica's stomach clenched in alarm. Mom must have realized Daniel was shouting to her from Jessica's room.

"Oh, I thought I heard her cry out," he said in an offhand way. "But when I went in, she was asleep."

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