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Milestones not displaying correctly / not registering.

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 "Total Air Time 2" unlocked when my total time in the stats screen said 30.683. I guess all things considered I shouldn't be complaining about it but so far it's been pretty hard to tell what's being added & what's not. It seems like the game would rather count a little hop, skip and jump than it would when the car is actually up on 2 wheels about to flip over for multiple seconds. Is that the extra 30 seconds it's counting but not displaying?

Also, with "Feint Drift III" and "Near Miss III" is there any way I can see how many I actually have? Maybe a way to track in game? If I complete the requirements but crash after and not get the points does it still count towards the total?

Are there any tips for completing drafting III? I have 10 mins of it through the career & I still have no clue how to actually get it to keep counting in game without it being hit or miss. Same question if I crash and it goes away do I still get the points?

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