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All issues found so far

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– Problems with the controller, steering wheels and pedals

– Control settings are not saved out of the game

– Crash after closing the game

– Crash when running benchmark tests

– Cut-scenes after races are in 30 fps and do not work well

– No SLI support

– FPS drop in championship mode

– Problems when conversating with the engineer and general audio issues in the race

– The multiplayer mode makes game crash, huge lag, multiplayer ghost vehicles

– Motion Blur at high speeds make the game look really ugly

– Glitches that slows down the cars random moments

– Weak contact and damage model

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Wouldn't SLI be a function of the SLI management software? I think CM output the same telemetry (if you will) data as they have in each release and the management software will need to be updated accordingly to supply it to the SLI hardware.

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