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My 2c.

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Hi, currently on PS4 and have been playing this series since 2010.



Give the option to back out when in the "Communicating with online services... please wait" screen. Sometimes it doesn't connect and you have to restart the game because it's stuck there. This sometimes happens to me when trying to join ranked lobbies.

Have a filter for no assists on the time trial leaderboards.

Show replays for the top 10 on all the leaderboards. Polyphony Digital added this in GTS and it's been very helpful in outing cheaters and learning tracks.

Cross platform play. Racing games are a niche genre and if there's any genre that needs cross platform play it's this one. It works so well in other games, it would be a good look on Codemasters to pioneer this in the racing genre.

Get a better livery editor for F1 2021 or 22'. The pre-made designs are a good start and much appreciated, but you need to allow people to design cars, race suits, helmets, etc how they want them. Some of the things I've seen people create in Forza or GTS over the years has been amazing, it would be awesome to see that kind of creativity in the F1 series.

Text chat in future games, this is another handy thing in GTS that Codemasters should copy.

Pre-season testing in career for resource points, let players simulate it if they don't want to do it.

Pit stops like in ACC where you are in control the entire time.



That is all I can think of for now. Thanks for reading.

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