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Project Cars 3 not working with my PS4, On PC Its works fine 

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So I've played Project Cars 3 with my new Logitech G923 fine and dandy (on the PC), at that point I just got the PS4 form today and it doesn't work by any means, each other dashing game on the PS4 works fine with it. I can go to the PS4 UI Gbwhatsapp alternatives screen with the wheel however with regards to the genuine game it simply doesn't work. 

Am I accomplishing something incorrectly? For what reason would it take a shot at the PC yet not on the PS4??? 

Any assistance is invited, you're the best!

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Same here. Logi G923 does not work with PC3 in PS4. 

All others games and functions in the console works fine. 

Hope will be fix in a follow up date because I would like to try the game finally. 


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