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F1 2020 handling is good, but not perfect

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Do you think that engine breaking in F1 2020 is almost non-existent, compared to previous titles?

Making us use the brakes much more than what real drivers do, in a sort of unrealistic portrayal of how the car should handle. In reality the drivers do not brake THAT much, if we watch telemetry data of onboard laps. This could be fixed, by giving us the ability to alter engine braking maps on the go, as we can do with brake bias and differential, going from low to high values. Would add a whole new level of realism to the game and give hardcore players yet another option to extract more performance in a realistic manner.

Also, low speed grip seems to be a little bit too weak compared to real life as well (especially watching back the British Pole Lap, the real life drivers were able to carry much more speed in low speed corners, compared to F1 2020 the game), and traction could be better too (real life drivers were able to use full throttle much faster and easier compared to F1 2020 the game).

At the very least, F1 2020 is a massive step up from F1 2019, which generally lacked a lot of grip and downforce, and was very unrealistic in how to drive the car to be fast, with the excessive quickshifting technique etc.

Imo, Codemasters still have work to do, to make F1 2020's handling perfect.

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They consulted with the likes of Lando and Charles to switch it the other way. 

Too easy and unrealistic to just grind down the gears to flick around a corner. 

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