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GRiD needs the SPLIT screen, promised

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Could I stick to the fact that CodeMasters promised us a split-screen option in the GRiD? 🙂


After the launch of the F1 2020 (a game strongly based on its predecessor), all we can see that CodeMasters easily implemented the split-screen option.

Incomming the Dirt 5 also strongly based on the same architecture as the GRiD will also have it.

Let's be hopefull, maybe something will happend around the GRiD game that's not even a year old.

Since CodeMasters added the all three seasons, the game has been gaining very favorable comments and is making up for the losses of community support.

However, on many social platforms grows up the belief that the game has already been abandoned by the CodeMasters because of weird blog posts destroying the brand loyalty.

This is contradicted by the last patch, which supports new Logitech TrueForce products, and it looks like currently this is the best inplementation of this technology in race game.

Also there are many questions about the split-screen option because people want to play with their loved ones and their friends on one TV.

It is clear that technically Codemasters have a split-screen ready as they added it to F1 2020 and Dirt 5 (same generetion of game engines).

Adding this option would definitely have a positive impact on sales as well as positive opinions and trust in the Codemasters brand.

There is no rational reason not to do so

the GRiD is not a competition to Dirt 5, it is rather a portfolio extension because not all of us want to race in fancy rally option.

There is a huge group of customers who appreciate touring car racing on the famous tracks. And this group supported Codemasters with their wallets through the purchase of the GRiD.

We all are waiting for split-screen option patch.

Unfortunately, in the GRiD forum section, there is no longer any CM support feedback.

I'm creating this thread here because I hope someone from CodeMasters will notice us, the GRiD customers who love racing in this less than a year old, beautiful car game 🙂


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A post release mode that we’re happy to announce today is split screen mode coming after release for everyone. Again, you have to buy the DLC. I have a three-year-old daughter and I want to play side-by-side with her. It’s really big for us that if you buy it we’re going to be supporting you

The GRiD game director Christopher Smith, 01st, Jul. 2019



The classic split-screen game option returns like a boomerang, both in the Grid and in F1 2019. It really doesn't matter today where this information first appeared. It's more important that the question of split-screen is constantly postulated on large social platforms and in the sale comments to this game and it is commonly believed that it was announced. Perhaps such information has appeared somewhere. Maybe it was just about F1 2019, maybe the Grid also, or maybe it was just a misunderstanding. It's more important that people want this option and the topic comes up regularly here and there.


There are thousands of such comments because people really want it. the F1 community simply received such support, it was enough that the person responsible for communication with the community just understood that this demand made sense and simply reported such a request to dev team:

So I have a strong feeling that there is a dead zone in communication between Codemasters and the the Grid community.

Is the GRiD director Christopher T. Smith or Mark Green or Steve Bennett part of this the forum? Could someone on CodeMasters side give them this topic? We're your customers @Hoo

PS @BarryBL

I know you are a supporter of the F1 community but you are the only one who writes back and as we can see you are effective when users suggest something.

Please take a look at Chris Smith's declarations from last year and please push this topic to the Codies Southam Team.

After all, this promise of the director is now grotesque without coverage and it hurts the Codies brand 😕

The topic was raised many times on the Grid forum part, but there is no feedback from CM side in any topic. It even looks like the people responsible for communication have abandoned this part of the community 😕



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whats sad is we were warned FAR in advance by forum members that CM would abandon grid 2019 right after the last dlc.

 could swear i have a pdf file of CM stating that there would be 4 tracks as part of the dlc's but we only got 3.

anyhow, i got to stop visiting the grid forum, it always makes me bitter of what greed 2019 turned out to be.................

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51 minutes ago, OugaBooga said:

anyhow, i got to stop visiting the grid forum

I take you at your word, be consistent for once and let those who are happy with the GRiD game enjoy it and build support.

for now, you are sowing chaos with your incoherent comments, such posts also certainly do not improve communication



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I think the point is a lot of us bought GRIS 2019 with the false promise of split screen at a later date. I only buy racing games with split screen so am very disappointed ....  I really like the game don't get me wrong but I don't like being taken for a mug ....... In the UK this would be a trading standards matter i.e. false advertising....

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Glad there are more of us here 🙂 I was promised PJT will pass this thread in a message inside the Codies structure.

We are all counting on some feedback on this matter, this matter is really important in the context of the Chris declaration:

A post release mode that we’re happy to announce today is split screen mode coming after release for everyone. Again, you have to buy the DLC. I have a three-year-old daughter and I want to play side-by-side with her. It’s really big for us that if you buy it we’re going to be supporting you

Chris, you said in interviews how great it is that the community gives you feedback inspiration like split-screen that you implemented in DLC. You even mentioned about playing with your daughter, convincing many of us with this tender vision to buy DLC extentions and looking for split-screen. Please don't screw up with this one move the whole picture of a really great game where you managed to capture exactly what you mentioned. This seems like enough motivation, but if you hesitate at least be honest with the kids you promised this split screen when telling about your daughter 🤨

the Codemasters, with honor please this promise 👈

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You're right. The measure of professionalism is primarily responsibility.

The game formula has changed to more simple just drive & go. Perhaps it has to do with designing games for mobile platforms. In my opinion, the marketing of this title should take this into account so there wouldnt be so many disappointments and unnecessary comparisons. Maybe even the title of the game should contain a simplification like GRID&Go or something like that.

However, the game is enjoyable and I will miss the next seasons, as they always add some new locations.

Note that a year later PCARS3 appears (from another studio) which simply copies the contents of PCARS2 and also degrades the graphics quality and it does not deserve to be called new game.

More important...

The situation with the GRiD split-screen option is very sad, which was promoted and under this banner encouraged to buy the extended version. I wonder if the social campaign would have any effect because they completely do not feel responsibility for the declarations Chris made in interviews. It looks really bad when they announce it again in a new game based on exactly the same generation framework.

It is nasty when you listen to a similar interview in which Chris talks about the community feedback inspiration and how important it is for him to implement this split screen option, illustrating it with a story about a daughter.

Damn it, Codemasters how are we going to feel about this? Why should we trust the quality of your promises? Why didn't anyone from Codies write back here?

On 9/3/2020 at 8:42 AM, lastbreath said:

that amateurs behind GRID2019

How much is worth a Forza Horizon 4's chief designer promise?

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7 hours ago, lastbreath said:

What GRID needs - completely new game. Developed by professionals. Not by that amateurs behind GRID2019

A lot of people really the simcade formula .. personally I think the game is great fun.... Just don't like being promised split screen and not getting it...

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Codemasters will struggle a lot to make me purchase any of their new games for a good while. 

As a massive Toca/Race Driver/Grid fan, I waited years for this game to happen, only to have the worst game Codemasters made in recent times. Incomplete, at one point totally unplayable, and with lots of broken promises, like the split screen mode or the game running at 60 fps in all systems. 

At least they TRIED to fix some issues and added MP lobbies, race length options, and stats. Along with some free cars and tracks to compensate. But ultimately, the game was beyond salvation. Which is a shame, cuz the core gameplay is fun.

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you won't get it, it's been almost 1 yr, what makes you think it's coming ?

personally i am more bitter that they didn't give us at least the same amount of content previous titles had.

But i can agree with that LYING about features they would add but didn't won't make me buy future games easily.

Definitely No pre orders EVER again.

Even 80% off on the last 2 dirt titles won't get me to buy them

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