Could I stick to the fact that CodeMasters promised us a split-screen option in the GRiD? 🙂 After the launch of the F1 2020 (a game strongly based on its predecessor), all we can see that CodeMasters easily implemented the split-screen option. Incomming the Dirt 5 also strongly based on the same architecture as the GRiD will also have it. Let's be hopefull, maybe something will happend around the GRiD game that's not even a year old. Since CodeMasters added the all three seasons, the game has been gaining very favorable comments and is making up for the losses of community support. However, on many social platforms grows up the belief that the game has already been abandoned by the CodeMasters because of weird blog posts destroying the brand loyalty. This is contradicted by the last patch, which supports new Logitech TrueForce products, and it looks like currently this is the best inplementation of this technology in race game. Also there are many questions about the split-screen option because people want to play with their loved ones and their friends on one TV. It is clear that technically Codemasters have a split-screen ready as they added it to F1 2020 and Dirt 5 (same generetion of game engines). Adding this option would definitely have a positive impact on sales as well as positive opinions and trust in the Codemasters brand. There is no rational reason not to do so the GRiD is not a competition to Dirt 5, it is rather a portfolio extension because not all of us want to race in fancy rally option. There is a huge group of customers who appreciate touring car racing on the famous tracks. And this group supported Codemasters with their wallets through the purchase of the GRiD. We all are waiting for split-screen option patch. Unfortunately, in the GRiD forum section, there is no longer any CM support feedback. I'm creating this thread here because I hope someone from CodeMasters will notice us, the GRiD customers who love racing in this less than a year old, beautiful car game 🙂