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Please remove the wheel punching animation


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5 hours ago, Dunoon said:

Yes punching the wheel is so lame, at least have the driver get out of the car and throw his helmet through the rear window.

We don't have the license for that car or driver, sorry 😞 

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Will say that the animation doesn't really fit - as mentioned above, Dirt Rally series is great because you can fight over 5th place and be happy when you get it - on the higher difficulties, I'm scrapping for points in the midfield and I love the game for that - it's more realistic than (I guess) Dirt 5's 'win every event to progress' style. So to finish in a position I'm happy with but for some reason the game decides I'm unhappy with it doesn't really work.


I realise that's not going to change in DR2, but one for (hopefully) DR3.

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