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I've played 2 seasons of my team and have had zero driver transfers despite certain drivers (such as Alexander Albon) under-preforming massively in there teams. I've also played 3 seasons of career mode and the only changes that have happened were  Latifi and Ilott replacing Grosjean and Raikkonen and De Vries replacing Latifi. Is this a glicth or bug or am i getting extremely unlucky. Either way i feel like this issue needs to be fixed quickly because i have no motivation to continue playing this game with these lack of driver transfers. 

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Happens to me as well. After the 1st season ist was super nice. RAI and VET retired, many changes in the field. After second season only GRO retired and the only thing that happens is that DeVries comes in to replace him. Thats it. Will simulate some time but it seems no Driver will retire after S3 and I bet there will be no transfers at all from now on.


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They really need to make the licensing in this game transparent and let fans know what they are able to do with the drivers and teams. Ex: They cannot allow players to move drivers around and use manufacturer's name inside the game. Besides in game racing the other game modes that make this game interesting is garbage. I stopped purchasing F1 games because of the limitations of Career Mode and only got back in to F1 2019 and 2020 recently out of boredom. As much as I hate EA Sports and 2K games at least their Franchise/Career mode and the ability to adjust rosters of teams made the game fun (I haven't purchased products from either in recent years). I honestly cannot believe that I still cannot manually move drivers around and then save the driver roster then start a Career Mode with that save while having a default roster saved somewhere in memory.

I agree on driver transfers not moving despite under performing, It's like they built the game and said **** it, let's not have a background data structure tally how drivers are performing and keep them in the same team for 10 years.

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