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Rallycross World Series

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when Esports qualifiers started a week ago, there was a wrong rallycross race at first, which was Hell with RX2's. Then I thought that I will give it a go with no practice because it is not the track and class what it should be according to the calendar. Soon they changed back to the original calendar and in week 2 same track and class is back which is Hell and RX2. Is there any way to cancel that first time? I find it is unfair that I have this first original time, because the calendar and the qualifier itself were not synced, later it was. I have a chance to qualify in TOP 2, but this time ruins my chances.

Thanks a lot in advance

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Sorry, no way to cancel.

We decided to carry over any attempts made in that window to Week 2, as the Sporting Regulations state that every player has one attempt.



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Well, that's interesting but ok. I'm sure that at least 90% of people took it as fun and did not take it seriously, because the event was wrong.

Thank you for your answer though.

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