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Stuck on 'Please Wait' In My Team (Xbox)

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1.       I am in season 3 on Monaco and i have simulated up to the race. However, i am stuck in the loading screen between qualifying 3 and the race. And it says 'Q3' is the session. I will wait for up to an hour but it will still be stuck on 'Please wait'. Please find a fix because i really dont want to restart.    

2.       Xbox
3.       1.08
4.       My Team
5.       Tried over 10/20 times to solve this
6.       Uninstalled and Reinstalled the Game, Got rid of all DLC content that is selected, tried to change in game settings. All do nothing to help. My connectivity settings are fine.
7.       No crashing. Just stays on the 'Please Wait' Screen

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