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Launch Option for Oculus SDK VR mode


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I always start my games through a GameLauncher, which starts the exe directly (not using steam).

So when I have my Oculus Rift connected, the game starts SteamVR. How can I force it to use the Oculus SDK instead? What command option do I need to add?

(tried -useoculussdk but did not work)

In other words, when you start the game from Steam and select to start in Oculus SDK mode, what launch option is the exe started with? Could someone verify with ProcessExplorer?

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did you get it to work?


i can get great performance with dirt rally 1 using revive in oculus sdk mode on my wmr headset. but i get TERRIBBLE performance on dirt rally 2.0 using steam vr, if i could find a way to force it to launch in oculus sdk mode (even though i do not have an oculus headset) and then use revive to patch/ inject the game to run on my headset (like i did with original dirt rally) my bet is it would perform at least a little bit better than with steam vr, albeit with a bit of a performance hit from revive. 

this also might fix the problems people are having with the hp reverb g2 and 3080 etc being completely unplayable with this game. 

codemasters behaviour on this front is a disgust. so if i ever upgraded i would have to wait for dirt rally 3 otherwise my new gpu/ vr headset wouldnt work on dr2.0, but then if i ever wanted to go back and play dr2.0 on my new hardware i couldnt, i would be stuck with only being able to play dr3. which is bs. when you pay for a game you should be able to play it. so they expect us to keep two computers?! one with old hardware that sort of works with dr2 and one with new hardware for dr3?


dang this is unfortunate. i spend 98% of my gaming time in vr, and of that i spend 95% of that time in dirt rally 2.0. i want to upgrade my gpu and vr headset for a better experience, basically just for this one game. and waddaya know? both the headset and gpu i want to upgrade to (both the best of the best as of now) are not compatible with the only game i really want to play, but work fine with every other game. 

c'mon codemasters, you are really dropping the ball here and it does NOT set a good precedent. i hope they dont repeat this behaviour with dirt rally 3.


anyway, back on topic: how to force launch the game in oculus sdk mode?

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