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Belgian GP Weekly Event inquiry

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Hi all, I was wondering if anybody here can give me a ballpark figure of what my Assist Bonus should have been for last weeks Spa Event. Anybody that took part in the event that didn't use Assists. I used none. If you remember what it was and can tell me that would be much appreciated. In the past they've ranged from 20,000 points to near 40,000 points. Even if you used Assists and you know, that will also be helpful to help me determine a ballpark number it should be around. There was a bug in the Event that caused a number of players to unfortunately lose out on points and not get a complete score. After finishing P5 in the previous weeks Event, this bug caused me to finish in P144. So I'd like to know where I should have finished around. I did 2 races and I was given 0 points for Assist Bonus in both. I have completed a bug report on this and am hoping it will get looked at. In the mean time if someone here can help add some insight, that would be great. Thanks 

Platform is PS4


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Description: I ran the Spa weekly event several times last week and never received points for the "Assist Bonus". Also, the scoring display shows me using no assist when I know for a fact I had ABS on and TC set to medium. I would have never had finished a lap if these were really turned off. I'm not that good. I do know of one other person who did not receive their assist bonus either and they run the events with no assists.

Platform: PS4

Game mode: Weekly Event Race


Reps: I raced at least 2 or 3 races on Saturday and only one on Sunday (Sunday's result pictures below).

Trouble shooting: raced a few times and cycled power on PS4.

Peripherals: Thrustmaster T-GT wheel base with Thrustmaster add-on Ferrari F1 wheel with Thrustmaster BT-LED display with Open-wheeler sim chair with Butt-kicker and table for beer.

Screen Shots: Attached

Beer Quantity: Stopped counting years ago. 


IMG_4097 (2).jpg

IMG_4118 (1).jpg

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