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Pit glitch


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1.       A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. 

Singapore gp career mode, alpha Romeo, 1/2 length no assists bar flashback, 95 difficulty 

Leading by 22.5 seconds, announced an unscheduled box onto used softs on the 27th lap for fastest lap, pit were set with hards with a soft tyre sticking out of the center of the pit area. Pit never commenced, it was as if I wasn't there, they never moved, I waited around 3 minutes in the pit lane and then retired.


2.       ps4
3.       1.08
4.       Driver Career.
5.       I tried flashback around 30 times (I was frustrated) saved and reloaded. 
6.       Saved and reloaded several times, switched off the ps4 and reloaded
7.       Pad




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