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[SOCIAL] [MULTIPLAYER] Switching to spectating another car in multiplayer

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Hey all,

We're receiving reports from a couple of reports from social media that some of you are switching to a spectating another car, before it gets damaged terminally in multiplayer sessions. If you've experienced this, could you tell us:

  • A detailed description of what happened
  • Platform
  • What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 
  • Ranked/Unranked/Leagues
  • Wired or Wireless Connection?
  • The amount of players in your session?
  • Were you the host?
  • Did this issue happens for everyone in the session, just some people or just yourself? What did they see?
  • We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again?
  • How do you make the problem happen?
  • Can you add a report code. How to find this is in Main Menu > Game Options > Settings > 16 digit code in the bottom left of the screen. Please make sure that this is the code from the session you had the issue in. Adding report codes from as many users in your session as possible would be really helpful here.
  • Video of the issue, including timestamps. Did you stream the session?

A lot of our Patch Updates and fixes come directly from completed forum bug reports, and providing this information is vital for Codemasters to be able to investigate, replicate and hopefully solve your issue. Without this, we don't have the necessary information to replicate and diagnose the issue.

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  • In the midst of a league race, this has never happened to me before in other games so I know it was the  particular games issue - the game kicked me out of the lobby and stated "lost connection to xbox live" when I in fact didnt. When rejoining I was able to select my car to hop back in, however shortly after the camera switched to a different perspective of another car and I was not able to see my pov despite having control of my car. This has happened on numerous occasions to me and many others
  • XB1
  • 1.09
  • Unranked
  • Happens on both wired and wireless
  • 16 however this has happened with anywhere from 15-20
  • Not the host
  • This issue can sometimes happen to just one, or it can sometimes affect numerous people. It is seemingly random. 
  • I am not sure how exactly to repeat it as it literally only happens sometimes. There is no static variable that causes it. 
  • Once you get the "kicked out of xbox live" glitch and try to rejoin, this will happen on some occasions. Also the lovely framerate glitch that was seemingly added in 1.09
  • I will add on both the report code and the video once I'm back online.
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@BarryBL @jennyannem I just found a replication method which works 100% of the time😀

Description of the issue: After leaving a lobby during the race, and then rejoining that same lobby, I retook control of my car. Then, I tried to change the Camera view of my car, but instead I switched to another car and spectated that.

Platform: Xbox One

Game version: 1.10.1

Game mode: Unranked

Connection: Wired

Players: 17

Host: I wasn't the host of the lobby

Issue happened only to myself, who rejoined the race / lobby. It didnt affect the car I got to spectate.

Replication: 3/3, I got a 100% method too:

-Start a Online race

-leave the lobby during the race

-Rejoin and take over your car again

-change the camera view

-you will spectate another car instead of driving yours.


Video below showing how I rejoin, take control of my car, then I change my camera and switch to the Ferrari, where I continue to switch camera views.



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@BarryBL I hate to tag you and annoy you in a way😆 but I think this is an important issue and I hope to have found a 100% replication method, would be great if the team could test it and see if it works for them too. 

Sorry to tag you but looks like you didnt see it the first time

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Apologies @ReimvomSchleim, I did miss this one. However, not anymore. We have a bug open for this which we are working on, and I've added your report to the investigation and updated the devs. Thanks for your excellent reporting as always, and, apologies again 👍


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