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[Xbox One] F1 2015 Bugs & Recomendations


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Hello codemasters,

One day playing find next bugs:
1. If u go to time trial to check leaderboards, lots of time they just showing "LOADING CONTENT". Moving arounds menus not help....to restore leaderboard work for this moment work only completely close and relaunch the game.
2. In time trial lots of ghosts who make hot lap and if u load this setups, they have more the game allowed to use....like example camber/toe maximum have -3.50, but some have -3.70 or aerodynamikc: in original its from 1 to 11, some have 0
3. Playing with frineds we find out when we play on Russia (Sochi), we split in the end....I finish game without him, he finished without me (we both finished but not in the same have we start, looks like servers split now)
4. Some online races where I play have bug, like example in abudhabi I finished first and the rests its all bots (people out dsq, dnf, etc.) so the ai behind me maybe arpund -35sec. When i finished I be second, and ai have unrealistic time 438 hours bla bla bla


Make engeener LOADEEEEEEEERRRRR!!! Its awul what u did, I completely dont hear him at all, its imposible playing! I ALL audio setting to 50 coz u not allowed put to zero, and enginner talking like NOTHING!!!

Add custom race createng not only INVTITATION! Or add more standart and hardcore mode: 25% random tracks (i dot wanna play u calendar great or etc), i wanna play FULL GRID (not half), i wanna play FULL DAMAGE not reduced. 

All u need to do just add MORE modes.

Thank you

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Online Practice Sessions:

- Parc Ferme rules seem to affect players even if parc ferme is set to "off". Especially fuel load seems to  be wrong. You set your fuel to 4-5 laps and your race engineer teels you that you have 90kg of fuel left when you start your hot lap. (xbox one)
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Multiplayer is an absolute write off nothing works the way it should,there are massive sync problems,a load of bugs and glitches! I mean did anyone even test this game? I'm fuming feel like I've been robbed I bought this game to league race only to find I've bought a beta and league racing is impossible!
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