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Double steering wheel support for F1 2020?

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Hi, I have 2 Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Editions to play F1 2020. Both connect to my PC. However, when i open up F1 2020 and go for split screen, i can pick player 1 with one of the steering wheels but getting to player 2 gets no input from either steering wheels, as if they're both just one steering wheel (I can control the menu with both at the same time as if they were one). i have tried using one steering wheel and one xbox controller and split screen like that works just fine. Is double steering wheel not supported in F1 2020 or do i need to change a setting somewhere?

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As it's the weekend and so you won't be getting a quick response from Codemasters I'll say that unfortunately I don't think using two steering wheels is supported currently. 

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