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Where is the Project Cars 3 sub forum?

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Project Cars 3 surprised me. I hated Project Cars after the buggy mess the first version was. I wasn't planning on buying this game because I thought it was their next attempt to bringing a "real" simulator to consoles. Until I read some reviews saying it was a simcade game and very good at it. And yes Project Cars is totally not what I've expected. Instead of a boring frustrating wannabe simulator I got a fun to play race game.

But where is the forum because on some circuits if I pass the finish line there is a graphical bug where it looks like my window get's scattered for a second on each lap.

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There is no such section at the moment, although there is a rash of comments. This game collects terrible ratings and reviews, but it's hardly surprising because it looks like a copy paste PCARS2 with more casual driving model and is priced very high as new AAA game, and it contains a lot of technical errors.

much cheaper, graphically better with a much unique driving model and bug-free you can have fun with Koenigsegg Jesko in abandoned the GRiD

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remember that BANDAI NAMCO is the publisher & there for it doesn't make sense for code masters to advertise & support what Bandai Namco is responsible for.Personally i welcome the direction SMS took making it more accessible with good game pad support cause console is probably the biggest market ( i am guessing).

but they should have made it a "off shoot" to PC like forza did with horizon.

i WILL get PC3 eventually & am excited but NOT at the price they are charging for it.

Seems too many complaints with bugs & it having less content.

if there is 1 thing that urks me more then anything else it's "LESS CONTENT" especially when it's within the same console generation !

Dev's & pub's Always tout the line that they needed to laser scan & update car models but with PC3 there was non of that so why less ?

Same way i feel bout greed 2019, if grid wants to go full sim or arcade they need to change the name accordingly.

CM has 3 name schemes for their racing titles >>>

- TOCA, early take on race sim.

- Race Driver, less sim but Very enjoyable & in league with some of my fav titles of that era (gtr,gtl,scgt)

- Grid more arcade but with a damage model unseen in other games, also a BLAST to play !

Where does PC3 fit ? i hope between RD & Grid but more to RD.

Anyhow, i know minetti the hunter of Ouga's is gonna ream me another..................like usual.

Code masters, go BACK or rehire what made your games Grrrrrreat & why some of us are struggling with stage 2-3 motivated yet "hopeful"

i think i may BE stage 3 at this point but it looks like plenty are still stage 2..................Ouga OUT !

P.S. i think stage 4 was left out cause at that point the company is DEAD !

literally just a husk eaten away by the greedy CEO worms !

Go take a pay cut CEO's & give it to your workers, they deserve it & without them you'd be NOTHING @ the party..........

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pained, very pained

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