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MyTeam Backstories


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I abosolutely love the idea of MyTeam mode because it brings a user-created team, whether privateer or corporate-backed, into F1 and lets it evolve over ten years. Thus, I'd like to hear the backstory for the team(s) you use in the mode.

Once I finally get into MyTeam for good (I've created a few and deleted them immediately), my team will be Pontiac F1 Team. The Parsons family merged its first car company, Odysseus, with Ferrari to form Ferrari-Odysseus SE, which only lasted a few years before Odysseus was relegated to a marque within Ferrari. A few years after that, the marque ceased to exist. Wanting to wash their hands of the Odysseus name, the Parsons bought Pontiac's IP from GM in 2014 and started sports car manufacturer named Pontiac. They entered F1 along with Haas in 2016 as Parsons Pontiac GP Engineering with Mickey as main driver and TP using the Firebird's "screaming chicken" in green and orange as their emblem. This year, they changed the name to Pontiac F1 Team. Obviously, that emblem's impossible for in-game usage on many levels, so I'll, probably, use the arrows badge.

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