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Error code "NM14" when joining Weekly Event race

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I am having an issue with game played on PC/Steam, version 1.14.
I can not seem to join 5 laps ranked for 3 days already, which is when I've bought the game (it works fine in 25%). When searching for a session, one is located pretty fast, then i can not join the session with information 'session no longer exists'. Subsequent attempts will show the error on race length screen, which states "Error Code NM14"
I have fairly quick internet connection that does not show any issues in other online games (speedtest from this moment, when 5 laps ranked isn't working is ~760/630 Mbps): 


I can not find any information regarding this error code. Could someone from Codemasters team chime in and help me understand what may be happening? Seeing as 25% length races work fine I am uncertain if this is issue on my ISP side and if it is, any information I can relay to them is very welcome. I am fairly technical so I can provide more details which would help troubleshooting if instructed.
As the only reason for which I've bought f1 2018 is to play ranked online, so current situation is heavily affecting my ability to enjoy the product. 

Your assistance is very appreciated,
Kind regards :)

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Hi @PawelSb,

Thanks for posting. Are you still getting this error when trying to connect to a 5 lap multiplayer race?

If you are, could you let me know a few things so I can investigate?

  • Can you confirm if you’re trying to connect to Ranked or Unranked lobbies?
  • Is it a random lobby or that of a friend?
  • How are you joining the game?

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Hello @Faya, 
Thank you for taking your time to try and help me :)

I am able to join 5 lap rankeds on intermittent basis, but it is highly inconsistent. I'm wondering if it's actually issue on my end or just underlaying networking code issue. Whenever the error appears the code remains the same (NM14).

To answer your questions:
- issue is happening when connecting to Ranked 5 laps lobbies only (i didn't try unranked, and 25% seem to work ok - didn't have this error there once)
- It's a random lobby selected by matchmaking (or however it's called in this particular game... built-in session finder? :))
- Open Steam, Run F1 2018, Pick Multiplayer -> Ranked -> 5 laps -> Goes into searching for session -> joining session -> error "session no longer exists" -> following searches show "Error NM14" on race length selection screen.

It kinda looks as if after finding a buggy session it keeps trying to connect to the same one over and over again. Is there a way to force a new session (ie. clearing cache etc?)

Kind regards :)
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  • Codemasters Staff
Hi @PawelSb, the error is caused when you fail to make a direct connection to the host machine. Sometimes, this is caused by network issues, but we think your suspicion about a bad network game may be correct in this case as reports of this error type are very low in frequency and so we wouldn't expect it to occur for multiple search attempts in a row. We aren't sure why this is happening though, so will need to investigate further.

If this dead session is still present next time you then you could try playing a couple of 25% sessions which may shift your stats enough to match to a different 5-lap session. Alternatively, you could set your home region setting to a different region on the multiplayer menu which may filter out the bad 5-lap session that you keep matching to (although you will likely have higher latency in the new lobby from the other region).
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  • 8 months later...

I had this happen last week in the Austria event and now I'm having this again in the Silverstone event right now. 

I get an error code when trying to connect to the server, "NM14". The frustrating thing about this is that I just can't rejoin straight away, because they are scheduled races I now have to wait an entire hour for the next race...


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  • RedDevilKT changed the title to Error code "NM14" when joining Weekly Event race. [R2]
3 hours ago, RedDevilKT said:

Hey, I have merged a comment from another thread regarding this issue into here to keep this error code issue in one place. I have passed this onto the team for investigation. Thanks! 

I should mention that it worked fine in the next scheduled race one hour after the post. This bug is hard to recreate and just sometimes happens, sometimes doesn't happen.

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To me it "always" happens the first time i try to go into the race... 
At least this weekend and the previous, was like that, but on the first event (austria) 1
Hour later i could connect, at least last weekend, this weekend i havent tryed a second time... 


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59 minutes ago, dfixer said:

To me it "always" happens the first time i try to go into the race... 
At least this weekend and the previous, was like that, but on the first event (austria) 1
Hour later i could connect, at least last weekend, this weekend i havent tryed a second time... 


In the Austria event I had it for the first 4 hours or something before it fixed

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Happend to me today 

tried 2 times now event Monaco,still the same error

Also when y push the OK button system will check communication online etc and stayes on that screen. Software shutdown necesary !

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I'm having this same issue as well on the PC. But just for trying to get into the weekly event race. I have no problem getting into ranked or unranked races. 5 attempts to get in so far. All have ended up in the error. Then just goes to endless load screen saying communicating with online services....

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I am having the issue that is mentioned via this thread and it is happening irregularly, every 2nd or 3rd game on the weekly event, with the error code "NM14", which is getting rather frustrating as there are only limeted number of races! Im on PC via steam, F1 2019 version 1.20, I have even set up port forwarding on my router and had been marginally better until now?

Please help, I would like to get this issue fixed asap, thanks in advance!

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  • Administrator

Hi everyone,

NM14 is a first-party issue, connecting to Steam. Can you try the below and see if it helps:

  •  Check Connectivity Settings, including Firewalls
  •  Verify the integrity of your game files, in 'Properties' of your game


If people can let me know how they got on initially and I'll continue to investigate.

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  • BarryBL changed the title to [PC] - Error Code NM-14

A short description of the problem:   

Unable to connect to session once I joined the hourly Race for weekly event Sunday starting at 1400 hours 2-9-2020.  It took six hours to join one race and then got punted off the track by an Idiot.  I was unable to join another race the rest of the day (Error NM-14 I think) 

Platform you’re on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam):



Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner):

Version 1.2


Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc):

Multiplayer Weekly Event


If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI?



What happened in the lead up to the problem?

no problems connecting to normal Ranked or Unranked sessions


If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving:

I believe it was NM-14


Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc):  

Thrustmaster T500 and TMaster Pro pedals

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  • BarryBL changed the title to [PC] - Error Code NM-14 Weekly Event
  • BarryBL changed the title to Error NM14

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