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Tyre selection freezes out

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  • When you start a new practise session and then jump straight into any of the practise programs you can select tyres as per normal. Once you have completed a practise program or two and go to the tyre selection screen (See below) the ability to change compounds is frozen out. You cannot change between soft, medium or hard or jump between wet and dry. If you right or left bumper then this doesn’t clear it. Only if you left or right trigger does this then clear the problem. 
  • Xbox One
  • 1.08
  • MyTeam
  • Yes seem to happen quite often and possibly every time but because I only mainly do just the practise programs this isn’t noted at each Grand Prix. I did not it when it wet dry to wet and also in Hanoi when I switched tyres getting used to the track 
  • By going to a practise program from the start of a session or a mid session save and then going to change tyres manually. 
  • By pressing left or right trigger.
  • Gamepad. 
  • See below 


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