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Make the gear indicator a separate part in the custom screen setup

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If you could please make it so we can just relocated the gear indicator as separate entity so that we can move it to the lower center of the screen & leave the remainder of mfd on the lower right. This way we can move it into a better position for a quicker look . Also bring back the throttle position as a green circle around the gear display. It was much easier to control/see than the the bar/squares we have now.  Or make it so we can move the entire display to the lower center of the screen and the pop-up portion still remain on the lower right corner so it does not block our views when activated. This way we could keep a better eye on fuel & ers system info, to be able to focus more on the track. At places like Monaco, we don’t have a lot of times to be looking for this info. By the time you refocus on the track, you have over-shoot the next braking point. As I use to rotary switches for fuel/ers setttings & sometimes go too far, I need to verify I’m in the correct setting frequently. I want to have this info more in my line of sight to same time. Please. 

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