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FFB and dirt rally 2.0

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An odd thing happened today while i was browsing youtube looking for good g29 ffb settings. 

I just stopped and fired up DR2 and started mixing and changing myself while playing around with different cars. 

All of the sudden the ffb felt great, i could feel what was happening with the car, almost 100 feedback of the road and behaviour. Wth i thought to myself. 

After a few minutes in the menues and trying out more cars it suddenly struck me... FW cars! 

All i been driving in DR2 are the AW cars. It's night and day really. 

It's strange though, that AW and RW cars have so little feedback in the G29 compared to the FW cars. 

Oh well, just wanted to post my 2 cents here. Have a good day folks. 

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