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My 400th comment!

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I am going to mark the occasion with the following: This is by far the worst, most unplayable release so far. And that, I thought would be hard to beat since I can attest to the fact that version 1 was a really fun and fair game while still being a challenge to master. It had some faults but back when this "official Codemasters Forum" actually had participation from staff like Chris Groves, we felt we were helping make this a better game. For us and the developers. But oddly, it got worse. Even stranger it kept getting worse and nobody replied to our questions. The forum just became somewhere to vent our disappointment with the downward trajectory of the game. Nobody listened, nobody cared. And this shambolic mess that is supposedly representative of the Official F1 Mobile racing platform is a disgrace to the name F1. If this is how cars and drivers performed on the track by seasons end everyone would be dead. Including low flying planes. I left this game and this forum, where I had met some great people and had a few laughs because it was simply not worth the effort. And I'm afraid it's come to that again. So in parting follow this important advice. Do not take your frustration out on your phone or ipad or tablet. It'll void your warranty for sure.

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