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Trying to find best/quickest/easiest way to find and change AI setting. At moment I set starting ai by doing 1 shot qualifying in Spain using RB6, this was posted by someone else previous. I adjust until I get within 1/2 second of teammate 3 consecutive times.

 Playing my team mode, at the end of each practice/q/race session if I not within 1/2 second of team mate I increase or decrease ai by 1 pt. Potentially you can change Ai as much as 7 pts in a weekend but more likely 2-3 pts. I also factor in tyre compounds if team mate’s is different. Not perfect but I figure 1/2 second difference between each compound, 1 sec between hard and softs. Was using this method in f1 2019 and it seemed to give a good overall average ai level without having to spend extra time figuring and adjusting to every circuit. Also if  one is having a bad run the ai decreases a little so it will give one a fighting chance again and reduce discouragement. It is supposed to fun!

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