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Should Drunk Rallying be a Thing?

Jake Cushing

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So, I find that often when I've come home after sinking a decent number of pints, I'm somehow better at DR, at least for the first 30 mins or so, and then it goes downhill as the worst of both worlds collide, alcohol and inherent ineptitude.

But initially, there is a cavalier power that takes over, and I'm easily breezing through sections I previously found tortuous.

Perhaps its the over-riding of risk that the brain inadvertently factors in to virtual gaming. Or something.

So anyway, why not allow real-life drunk rallying, all the way to WRC?

There could even be different categories, based on blood alcohol level. .01-.05, .05-1, 1.5-2, over 2. Like the weight categories in boxing.

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4 hours ago, RGgiac said:

Since the unofficial Discord server was created last year, the Gossip Thread and this forum have almost died.

I miss the old days of DiRT Rally's early access 😢

Gossip thread is still relatively active, but DiRT Rally 2.0's pretty much "complete" as a game now, so not a lot of news outside of esports.

Also, the world and gaming communities are moving away from forums and onto places like Discord more anyway. I like the structure of forums but the live aspect of Discord is good too.

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