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My team - Engine strategy

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In my team, I have had several problems with the engine which have significantly affected my performance.

In my last race in Mexico, I had the best quali time but during the race an engine part went yellow and everyone passed me.

I finished 17th.....

What is the idea here? Is it too replace right away engine parts when they turn light green or yellow?

As soon as you have used existing engine parts, you get grid penalties for new ones.

What is the best way to address this?

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I have focused heavily on durability for the first part of the season. Before Spain, I already had 11 durability upgrades. Now, I am at Russia in a 22 race season, and I have taken a 60 place penalty at Belgium for the 4th and 3rd components. Now, I can finish the season without any worries in terms of durability. 

Whenever a part reaches 50%, I immediately replace those for qualifying and the race. Then, those with 50% or higher are used during practice sessions until they reach 80-90%. 

Which part went yellow? If it’s Turbo Charger, then that is the worst part for me personally. Whenever a TC is yellow, I feel like I really need to replace it straight away.

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I use parts in the race until they hit 60% wear, the repercussions from the worn parts are more noticeable when I hit this percentage. After that I only use them in practice until they are completely worn out.

I’ll take an extra PU and start from the back once or twice in a season. I do this to ensure I have fresh parts in the final few races. I usually do this in Canada, Austria or Belgium since it’s easy to pass on those tracks. 

It also helps to run your car in the lean fuel mode when doing practice sessions. It will save your ICE and Turbo.

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My career with Williams Racing I use set of units separated for FPs and Q/R.

Now I'm on Spain, round 06/22. Before, I've used all unit #1 for practice sessions, and unit #2 for qual/race. On FP3 in Zandvoort I've forced to retire due engine broken (its bowken! haha). the wear for turbo and engine hitted 99%.

So my focus is not on durabilities yet, but in aero and chassi.

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