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Ferrari 1000GP livery


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Last year, in F1 2019 the game, you eventually added the "90years" logo onto the Ferrari livery.


This year, in F1 2020 the game, Ferrari has blank spots. But in real life, Ferrari will add the "1000GP" logo onto their livery.


Could you please give us the "1000GP" logo for the Ferrari livery, during the lifetime of F1 2020 the game?


Here are pictures of the new 2020 Ferrari livery, with the "1000GP" logo on top:




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16 hours ago, RS Phil said:

Don’t you think it’s more urgent to set the right performance of this car rather than a one-shot livery?

True. But, it is very likely two different departments at Codemasters working for the performance (usually game designers, programmers), and the car liveries (usually artists) respectively. Unless the programmers are also the artists, or vice versa...


Either way, both can be done by Codemasters, if they manage to use their time and organization efficiently.



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You can’t expect CM changing their livery every weekend right? Almost each team and each driver has differences on every race. 
For this weekend, the Safety Car is red.

They should be releasing a weekly patch for changes that will be become outdated a few days after.

BTW, they should hire more programmers than « artist » or designer.

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