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Have been playing Grid Racedriver on and off for nearly 10 years on my 360. And it has just occurred to me that I should be using handbrake turns on the tight street circuit corners! 😯😳   Needless to say that my times and finishing positions have somewhat improved. If I had brains I'd be dangerous. 😉

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4 hours ago, OugaBooga said:

i'am not used to using hand brake but a few times i did it helped a bit in grid 2019.

if switching to a steering wheel  how do you hand brake while using manual ?

sounds OK on a game pad but do i need another attachment to my wheel ?

Handbrake turns certainly help in getting round tight turns.....and they are essential in rally games. Sorry but I only use a pad for driving games so can't offer advice about hand braking with a wheel set up.

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i Too use a pad, my wheels are still in their boxes brand new.

Need a nice sit & home made mount for the wheel before i attempt to do any steering again.

I forget who it was, probably rastus that told me about trying the handbrake around corners for AWD cars.

it helped some but i just can't get used to it..............i use the right thumb stick for up/down shifting & have arthritis in my fingers so i can't use the RB?LB buttons properly 😞

Same thing with forza motorsport games where i really can't map a handbrake with my button layout.

THX for the reply

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I have handbrake on a button on my t300 wheel.

The only handbrake i know is from fanatec and that has a top price. 

And from what i can tell it need to be connected to the fanatec wheel base.

My fanatec CSv3 pedals has a connection for it and in the description it says to connect the handbrake there, but not sure if you cant use it as a stand alone as the pedals i have.

Hope that answers your question. 

And yes it is most likely Rastus told you  that.   :classic_biggrin:


Been searching a bit and saw thrustmaster got one aswel.  

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