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Logitech G920 resets to default upon tabbing back in


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Hi all,

Start the game, wheel goes limp as it should, 360 degrees rotation stops as normal. All is fine. But I tab out, and the wheel resets to desktop mode, self-centering spring kicks in etc. All normal so far. But when I try to tab back into the game, the wheel remains in this default desktop mode with the self-centering spring working, despite the GHUB saying it is in F12020_DX12 mode, which it clearly isn't. Very odd.

When I start the game up it goes into 360 degrees mode despite the F1 2020 preset still being on 900, dunno if that's correct or not.

Only occurs in the F1 games. I tried Dirt 4, it works absolutely fine. I can tab out and in and it goes back to normal. But not in F1. It is like the F1 game can't retake control of the wheel once it loses control of it.

I tried windowed mode, its hit and miss with that, works ok first time you tab in, but then doesn't after any more tabbing.

This is a particular problem when the game randomly tabs out in the middle of a league race...


Pls help, this is incredibly frustrating.


Many Thanks,

Oliver S

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