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F1 2021 suggestions (PLEASEE READD!!!!!)

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PLEASE READ!!!! For 2021 and future f1 games. Things I feel really passionate about and would like to see are in the games going forward;

1) your avatar being able to explore your facilities and the paddock itself during the season. This would be an amazing thing to be placed in the game. A little like GTA but more focused on the immersive side of the game between races and seasons. 

2) Pre season testing - sad to see this not in 2020, a car launch was a nice touch and I hope it stays, but testing would be nice to see too. You could have the opportunity to earn sponsorship advertisement money too.

3) Bring back Red flags!!!! No detail needed.

4) a more of a realistic damage model. We've seen the same or a very similar damage model in the last 5 games at least. Feel like it was okay in previous games but its sticking out more and more like a sore thumb.

5) more driver options for our teammates. The one thing formula 1 lacks is gender equality, this would be the perfect opportunity to have female drivers from the W series be established in the f1 game or more made up female racers. Also maybe the ability to create our own teamate from scratch like our avatar.

6) Devon butler and Lucas weber return

7) create a f2 team in the game too, then raise enough money to enter it into f1. This could be the story mode for f1 2021.

😎 Classic tracks. It'll give the calander we create verity and won't get boring after 3 or 4 seasons. Thats the one thing I get board of at that point. Also the ability to move the calendar around. E.G. Australia as the final round of the season.

9) Choosing our team members. (Engeneer, chef mechanic, team principal to act as a 2nd in command and to represent my team while im in the car, etc..)

10) player controlled pit stops. F1 2006, a ps2/3 game had this, why has it not been reintroduced. It would be good to have it as a setting in the game to turn off and on for those who don't like the idea.

11) more access to player creativity in our car designs, logos and race gear.

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