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[Multiplayer] "You have been kicked for cheating"


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After joining a race in ranked multiplayer mode, I got a normal 5-lap race until I got kicked out for "cheating" !! After checking carefully why, it seems that mods are forbidden (which I didn't know). Funny thing though, I just discovered what mods are this exact same day and indeed, I downloaded a telemetry mod which I didn't close since I started to play yesterday and I guess by forgetting closing it in multiplayer (how could I know?), it thought I was a cheater... 

That being said, can any of codemasters admin unban me? I think it can also be good to have a notice in the multiplayer mode stating that mods are strictly forbidden... for newbies like me, it would be much more helpful.


In-game nickname: VcT

Platform: Steam/PC

OS: Windows 10

Steam id: vctparis


Thank you,


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