Deep Dive Patch Notes 1.09 Option added so players can engage ERS by holding the button. Players now have the option with our ERS system to ‘toggle’ (the current system) or to ‘Hold’ their mapped ERS button for Overtake usage. This can be found in Main Menu/Pause Game > Settings > Controls, Vibration and Force Feedback > Generic Settings > Overtake ERS Mode Fixed an issue for some players who could not advance in MyTeam due to a contract negotiation not occuring correctly. Some players were reporting that they could not advance due to contract negotiations not completing correctly, almost stuck in a ‘pending’ state. We have now improved the robustness of the calendar system (especially in shorter season calendars) and have fixed this issue. Player who were affected in this issue should be able to continue their saves post-1.09.     Reported on the forums:      Customisation sliders now show values to allow easier editing. Updated our customisation options to add Hue, Saturation and Luminance as numerical values across all areas of Customisation. We have taken on board Community feedback, and now players can now have significantly more accuracy and consistency across the various customisation options. Badge emblems can now also be resized to make badges look more consistant with the backgrounds available.       A performance issue while the Safety Car is on the track has been addressed. From Community feedback, we have addressed a performance related issue where FPS can drop significantly on Xbox One while the Safety Car is deployed. From our tests, Xbox One X has little issues with this, but there was drops of around 10FPS for Xbox One Base and S users.   The Multiplayer car is now available to use in Time Trial and Splitscreen. The Multiplayer/MyTeam car is now available in the Time Trail and Splitscreen game modes. The performance of the car is the same as the Mercedes in sessions, while other cars available will still have their realistic performance data.   MFD available for users in ‘Cockpit’ mode camera angle After listening to player feedback, we have added the ability to enable the full MFD into Cockpit mode. How to add this feature to the view is to Pause Game > On-Screen Display > Set On-Screen Display (Cockpit View) to On.