I'll preface this by saying I'm glad CM now provides HSL figures and the FOM car for GP and TT. HSL
The S(aturation) and L(ightness) should be as percentages, not decimal integers. For example, the green I want has a HSL of 158 deg., 100%, 62%. I'm fairly sure the hue sliders are offest a bit as well, depending on the color selected on the livery. Could someone on PC test this by using a hue of 150, saturation of 120, and lightness of 82 on each color in each slot for a custom livery after screenshotting and resetting the previous slot to confirm this.  FOM car
1. This is, actually, @Sir_Overtakesalot's idea, but I included something below that dovetails it into this topic. The FOM/multiplayer car should be in GP mode as well.
1a. If possible, I'd like to see the team's name on the GP and TT select screens after someone's created a team using that car, rather than the current "CUSTOM TEAM"
2. As the car's now available in solo and split screen—as it should be from the beginning in future entries, I think the nomenclature should be updatd to something like "custom car" or "grand pirx car".