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No HUD Dialog Box Warnings nor Engineer verbosity.


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Hello, I figured to write about this as soon as possible. In my Private League Race earlier tonight, my Pit Engineer on the Radio, along with any of the Dialog Boxes regarding Track limits or any of the dialog boxes for Safety Cars failed to function at all throughout the entire race.

This is about the 7th or 8th league race that we've had on F1 2020 and I've never had this issue prior to tonight. All of my in game settings haven't changed so I don't know if I can even ask if I'm doing anything wrong.

I hope that I've been helpful and I appreciate any help in return in figuring this out.

Thank you.


PS4-Pro - 1.09 - Private League through 'Unranked Multiplayer' - Wired Ethernet Nat 2 - Players in Session: 13 - I was not the host. - It affected just me. - Sim Dashboard on Android using in game Telemetry. - CSL Elite PS4/CSP V3 - 100% Full Race - No Driver Aids - 71 Laps at Brazil.

Surely the same scenario would be easily replicated in order to try and make the problem happen again. 

This is my stream and the race begins at 1:17:45


Thank you

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