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PS4 Speedracer F12020 LEAGUES SEASON 1! Commentators and driver needed

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Speed racer F1 League - Season 1 Leagues

Season 1 on F1 2020 will  only offer 2 leagues on 1  platform. 
Check out the Season 1 Race Schedule below for what leagues are on offer and when. For a more detailed explanation of each league and our Season 1 goals in terms of tiers, see the description of each league. 

Global series

-every sunday 8am (bst)

-50% race

-full qualli

for now there is 1 tier this might change if there are enough people


Tuesday series

-every tuesday 8am (bst)

-50% race

-full qualli 

how do i sign up?

Your interested in joining the league? Join our discord https://discord.gg/9n7hNTa and sign up also feel free to have a look on our instagram for our current global series https://instagram.com/speedracerf1league?igshid=oyjtp64ossdg


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