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Time trial + mods

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Hi everyone, 

So today I got a whole modded car livery + racesuit, pitcrew, helmet, etc. 
And straight away I noticed that in timetrial, my laptimes are no longer updated onto the leaderboards. It doesn't matter what I do, it just won't do it. 
Then I replaced my F1 game folder back with my original backup and the leaderboard gets updated again when I put a lap in. 

Is this because of mods that time trial stuff gets restricted? Because the game notices alien files and thus thinks I might be cheating? (which would make sense)
But it also doesn't make sense because I've had a logomod from Racedepartment from the very first beginning and that never interfered with me putting laptimes onto te leaderboard in time trial

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Long story short, yes. 

Some things aren’t an issue (like logos) but generally speaking any changes to the car or track files ain’t allowed online.

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