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the best AI settings


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I've noticed a lot of people complain about the uneven level of AI. it is always a difficult subsystem in racing games of this type because each car model has different performance. Ai in this game is very pleasantly varied and fighting bravely because there are supposedly several dozen profiles of drivers implemented here. unfortunately, there are several factors that affect the gameplay.

1. starting from the first position is usually a great help, but winning from the next place gives more satisfaction because there is more fight on the track

2. choosing a car significantly changes the chances of winning so if you want to have more fun choose weaker cars sometimes

3. you will quickly find that some race you win easily and the other track it is very difficult to win with the same settings and car. you can control it and choose the right AI level with each race ( you will quickly find it will be also depending on the car you choose).

In order to choose the best current AI level for the race with the car already selected, you need to complete a qualifying lap and look at the scoreboard. if your qualifying result, the fastest lap is a maximum of 2 second better than your fastest opponent, do not change the AI level. if you have more than 2 seconds advantage, start thinking about changing the AI level to a higher one. the closer to your fastest lap is to your fastest opponent, the better your AI will be and it will be a lot of fun. after completing the qualifying lap check your fastest lap and if you are too fast for the AI, start the race and after the start, activate the options to change the AI level, and then reset the race start 🙂

hint: when you are for the first time on new track or you haven't ridden it in a long time, do the qualification twice to make sure your timing is optimal. sometimes when you don't know the track, the first run is much worse than the next one.

races where you will have the fastest lap equally are most exciting, and when your opponents are doing better fastest lap than you, it's really hard to win such a race because you will mainly defend your position. from what I noticed the fastest lap time between successive AI settings is about 5 s difference to next level. so it is very easy to control the best AI for each race 🙂

this system works and allows you to enjoy the AI implemented in this game, and it is really one of the best AI racing system 🙂 a real gem worth exploring by settings

the beauty of this game engine is that you can easy scale each race to your own abilities


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