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[PC] F1 2020, FRL Division 2 (North America) - Mondays 8:30pm EST [All Assists Allowed]

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We are Formula Racing League and we are currently recruiting for our first official season in F1 2020. We encourage players of all skill levels looking for fun and fair racing to join our excellent and friendly community.

Check us out at our discord -  https://discord.gg/YcuNTRQ . Ask for a moderator if you want to chat! 

Some basic information,

We offer:

Broadcast for every race

Fair and fun racing for everyone
Full discord support, with active community, moderators, and stewards

Clean, concise, and fair ruleset to promote fun for everyone

Telemetry Data Tracking for live sessions, find out where you are compared to drivers around you! 

Race Info:

Mondays - 8:30PM EST

Short Qualifying

50% Race

All assists allowed


Thank you for your time, I see you all on track!

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