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Error Code 500:H - Online Services Error PS4 please help


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Sorry for starting a new thread but I'm lost as to what to do next.

I recently bought the game a couple days ago, and have got the error since purchase.

I've never had any issue with online connection on my PS4 before, including F1 2019

I have read loads of threads on the topic, reconfigured my router, including port forwarding and DMZ. I have experience with networking and IT so I'm not concerned its been done incorrectly.

I have ethernet connection to the PS4, testing at NAT Type 2, unable to get it NAT type 1 but this shouldn't matter as I've done all the port forwarding?

I'm honestly about to go return the game because not having online features including in my team mode is missing out on a huge element of the game. 

Please someone give me some more ideas this is becoming ridiculous for something that should be so simple.


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  • Administrator

Thanks for adding your Multiplayer issue. However, we require all bug reports to follow and complete the template below. This is critical information Codemasters needs to be able to see your bug clearly. 


Please add your bug report onto this thread or I will not be able to replicate or diagnose

NAT Type 1 would considerably improve matchmaking qualities. 

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