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F1 2020 - How do you play?

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Apart from drive around the track and try to do it faster than your opponents that is.


I used to have a lot more time for gaming than I do these days (adulting takes up wayyy too much time) so I’m finding that I don’t have the time (or knowledge) to play around with custom setups too much.


I am only part way through my first season and I have mainly being using just the default setup. That was until I came across a few practice quali programs that seemed brutally hard (Monaco). I ended up googling someone’s Monaco setup and went with that and managed to get the job done. It still took a bit and I also realised I was perhaps respect track limits a little too much. Im not sure if it was the setup or the placebo effect but anyway I digress….


This got me thinking about how I should continue. I don’t know if I should just google a custom setup for each GP or see what the best preset setup to use is and go with that? What do you guys and girls do? Do you spend hours testing different setups etc or do you just know what to do with from experience?


Also when it comes to R&D points etc, I love have the option to choose where I spend my points/cash but I usually end up just going with the suggested upgrades. If I feel adventurous I will do my own thing tho lol. Again just curious as to what everyone’s approach is?


Additional info/background: This is the first F1 game ive owned in years and im having a blast. I am currently playing on xBox at 57 difficulty (I usually put it up or down 3 points per race depending on how close my lap times are to my team mates) and using a thrustmaster TMX wheel.


Have fun and happy racing all!

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I don't have time for this too. I just use one of the 5 default setups. For Monaco I'd use the one called Maximum Downforce. Dedication for perfect setups makes sense in a multiplayer competitive scenario, but on single player we're playing for fun.

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