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ARC seeking drivers for season 3.

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Hello, We are the Apollo Racing club. A sim racing community based in North America with over 220 drivers. We run leagues in several games and are currently looking to bring in more drivers for our Dirt Rally 2.0 League. We are about to wrap up season 2, which saw our ARC drivers  rally across 8 locations in the R5 class. All are welcome to join now for the last 2 rounds of the season, Greece September 25-October 5th and Poland October 9-19th.


Season 3 will consist of 2 clubs and weekly TT challenge. 

Club 1 - This club will pick its vehicle class by community vote. Once the class is selected drivers may pick 1 car from that class to pilot for the season. 

Club 2 - After much demand we will be launching our first Historic Class rally club. Season 3 will be running the H1 class. 

If you are interested please head to our website and drop us an application. http://apolloracing.club
and jump into our discord. https://discord.gg/kj7sgtz 
For those interested we Also run 3 tiers of F1 2020, Assetto Corsa Competitizone, and iRacing. So please join us, and be part of this great community.


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